God has put our partners deeply in our hearts, and honors the prayers we lift on behalf of those faithful ones.  They are helping us accomplish His Plan!  Becoming a partner means you believe in what God has sent us to do and desire to help get it done through prayer and sowing.  It also means that the heavenly rewards for the work done through our ministry belong to you just as much as they belong to us.

We know that God is stirring people's hearts to become partners with Word of Faith Ministries. Are you one of the people God is connecting us with who see our vision and desire to contribute with prayer and financial gifts?  If so, please complete the Partner Request Form below.

~If you're not led to become a partner you are still welcome to make donations~


When you give to Word of Faith Ministries, you are helping us preach The Word, heal the sick, and reach the lost!  


All donations are tax deductible. Be sure to include your return address information in order to receive an annual donation letter for your tax filing purposes.