Robert and Tamara Nichols are a dynamic couple.  They literally grew up together in The Word, transforming from high-school sweethearts to a team called by God to minister His Word!  Their messages are always scripturally based and in line with The Bible. 

Robert is known for his straight-forward presentation, real-life examples, and even a few laughs! He teaches simply, yet with deep relevance to living by faith in everyday life. Tamara‚Äôs intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit and time in prayer serve as a guiding force in ministry alongside her husband.  She is a gifted writer and often flows in songs, poetry, and words of knowledge that pertain to those present and the Body of Christ as a whole. 

Experiencing Robert and Tamara's ministry is both enjoyable and moving.

No matter what the topic is, Robert teaches with examples that are clear and easy to understand. His passionate messages often center around walking in your covenant rights as a believer, how to overcome circumstances as a champion, and living by faith to fulfill your purpose in life.

Tamara is known for her prophetic teaching and music ministry. Her desire to bring God's people into true worship and freedom in Christ Jesus is evident each time she ministers.

Robert and Tamara travel to bring the message of uncompromising faith, relentless hope, and victorious life to listeners. Their aim is to spread The Gospel, preach Christ and set the captives free! They are anointed to lay hands on the sick and impart to those who are hungry for change.